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What is anemia ferropénica?

Anemia caused by iron deficiency, which can be due to various factors like blood loss, poor iron absorption, or inadequate nutritional intake.

Define gastroenteritis.

Inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

What is appendicitis?

Inflammation of the vermiform appendix located near the cecum.

Explain the term 'diarrhea'.

Increased volume, liquidity, and frequency of bowel movements compared to normal.

Describe dehydration.

A deficit in extracellular fluid volume due to insufficient fluid intake or loss.

What are the key nursing care points for a patient with appendicitis?

Attentive assessment of pain, monitoring fluid intake, and checking for signs of postoperative complications.

How should a nurse care for a patient with bronchitis?

Evaluate airway patency, listen to lung sounds, administer oxygen therapy, and provide respiratory physiotherapy.

What care measures should be taken for a patient with diarrhea?

Consider antimicrobial therapy for bacterial causes, offer emotional support, and promote rest and comfort.

How can mild dehydration present in children?

It can be challenging to detect as children may remain alert with moist mucous membranes.

Outline the signs of severe dehydration.

Manifested by increased obtundation, decreased blood pressure, rapid pulse, and poor skin turgor with dry mucous membranes.

What is a concussion?

Mild traumatic brain injury resulting from a direct blow to the head, face, or neck.

What nursing care is essential for a patient with myelomeningocele?

Monitor newborn for sac integrity, assess limbs, check surgical wound healing, watch for infection signs, and measure head circumference.

Define a seizure.

Periods of abnormal electrical discharges in the brain leading to involuntary movements.

What causes a subdural hematoma?

Results from high-velocity impact causing laceration of a bridging artery or vein.

Explain hydrocephalus.

Organic response to an imbalance between cerebrospinal fluid production and absorption.


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What is the main cause of anemia ferropénica?

What is the primary symptom of gastroenteritis?

What should be the first nursing action for a patient with appendicitis?

How can dehydration be defined?

What is a common nursing care measure for a patient with bronchitis?

Which statement describes the manifestations of severe dehydration?

What causes a concussion?

Which action is crucial in the care of a patient with myelomeningocele?

What characterizes a seizure?

When does hydrocephalus occur?

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