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What are toys?

Objects that children play with

What is the purpose of toys?

To provide entertainment and facilitate learning through play

Name one type of toy.


What is LEGO?

A popular construction toy

What are action figures?

Small figurines of characters from movies or TV shows

What is a board game?

A game played on a flat surface with counters or pieces

What is a puzzle?

A game or toy that tests a person's ingenuity

What are stuffed animals?

Soft toys filled with stuffing, often resembling animals

What is a remote-controlled toy?

A toy that can be controlled from a distance using a remote

What are building blocks?

Small blocks that can be stacked and used to build structures

What is a toy car?

A small vehicle designed for children to play with

What is a yo-yo?

A toy consisting of a disc-shaped object attached to a string

What is a kite?

An object with a light frame covered in fabric that is flown in the air

What are sports equipment?

Objects used in various sports activities

What is a jump rope?

A long rope used in games or exercise, where one or more participants jump over it


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Test Your Knowledge

Which toy allows children to build different structures?

What kind of toy is controlled using a remote?

What toy is flown in the air and requires wind?

Which toy is a popular construction toy?

What toy is used for jumping over and playing games?

Which toy resembles an animal and is filled with stuffing?

What toy is a game played on a flat surface with counters or pieces?

Which toy tests a person's ingenuity?

What kind of toy is a small figurine of a character from a movie or TV show?

Which toy is a disc-shaped object attached to a string?

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